London Art Fair: with Blue Shop Cottage Gallery

20 - 24 April 2022

Blue Shop Cottage is taking a group of my paintings to London Art Fair. Please contact the gallery for further information and a price list.  You can see them on stand P19. 

Please email to receive a London Art Fair 2022 catalogue.


 London Art Fair will present its 34th edition featuring over 100 selected galleries celebrating the best in Modern and Contemporary Art to discover and buy.


"In the sky we had rediscovered the moving principle of any work of art: the light, and the motion of colour." - Sonia Delaunay


Our curation of works selected for the London Art Fair 2022, concerns light and how it dances into and out of our physical and inner/emotional landscapes. The memories we hold, the places we live, the rooms we inhabit and the souls that inhabit us. The world around us can pulse and glow or darken and loom. Light is the symbol of hope we seek, search for and hold onto. We are always drawn in - to a flash of red amongst an orchestra of green or a glowing orb of yellow in an ocean of blue.

Jess Allen's painted still lifes are interior moments of quiet, interrupted by light. Her world is a soothing pause from a technological life. Jess captures the graphic nature of sunlight and how it casts a shadow on our daily-doings, shifting ever so slowly throughout the day.


"The substance of painting is light." - Andre Derain


"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." - Francis Bacon